Argos TSP
a boutique translation agency

Are you looking for an agency that meets your translation needs? Which one should you choose? Should you opt for a big agency that translates into all languages covering a wide range of fields? Or wouldn’t it be better to go for a boutique agency like Argos TSP? This is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly as the way you communicate reflects back on your brand. Here are the reasons why our model is the one best suited to your needs:

We prioritise quality

Argos TSP is not a traditional translation agency where quantity is more important than quality. While a few large multinationals may need translations in dozens of languages, most companies do not. The boutique agency model is the one that best meets their needs because it allows them to handle large volumes of translations into the desired languages without ever losing control over quality.

A long-established team that produces top-notch translations

In a traditional translation agency, it is rare that a client’s documents are always translated and proofread by the same people. The work is more often than not subcontracted out, via an online platform, to the first available translator with the lowest rate or the shortest deadline. At Argos TSP, we do not consider translation to be a mechanical process involving interchangeable people. Instead, we believe in the expertise of carefully selected translators who are willing to be personally involved in producing a quality finished product. As a result, you can place your full trust in our stable team of experienced translators and proofreaders. This is what a boutique agency is all about.


As it’s impossible to be an expert in every field and in every language, we have made specialisation a central part of our model. In addition, as we establish long-term relationships with our clients, we devote as much time as we deem necessary to acquiring specific expertise that enables us to guarantee translations of the highest quality.

A qualified and responsive contact person

Companies of all sizes increasingly appreciate direct contact with a (human!) contact person who can answer their questions effectively. By choosing Argos TSP, you will always be dealing with the same team that understands your needs and knows your documents inside out.

Greater flexibility and personalisation

Some companies may feel reassured by the stability that a large agency is supposed to provide. Unfortunately, such stability often equates to a lack of flexibility in terms of the services provided. At Argos TSP, we are able to adapt to meet the needs of our clients at a moment’s notice.

High quality at attractive prices

High operating costs and a constant quest for higher profitability for their shareholders generally lead large translation agencies to charge high rates for a very uneven level of quality (from one agency to another and, all too often, from one translation project to another within the same agency). On the other hand, if they charge abnormally low rates, it is worth asking yourself why. Are they using machine translation? Are the translators qualified? Where are they based? Are the translations proofread? At Argos TSP, we provide high quality translations at attractive prices. Your documents are carefully translated and proofread by qualified professionals based in Europe and we NEVER resort to machine translation (> find out why <).

If you would like to work with a team of experts who understand your business and personally ensure the quality and consistency of your translations, contact Argos TSP today!