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Argos FinNeo


Argos FinNeo is an Argos TSP Group division specialised in financial and legal translation. Our team is made up of experienced translators and managers with degrees from the top business schools in Europe and the US. They have made the choice to combine their expertise in finance and insurance with their passion for translation.

Who are our clients?

Fund managers
(including REITS)

Private banks

Investment banks

Retail banks

Insurance companies

Property investors

Property developers

Companies from all sectors

Our fields of expertise

Financial statements

Investor presentations

Fund KIID, KID, prospectuses, reports, etc.

Universal registration documents (URDs)

Press releases

Institutional brochures

Documents related to CSR, ESG, SRI…

ESG ratings

Climate, biodiversity, waste policies and reports…




Insurance policies

Non-disclosure agreements

Articles of association

REIT documents

Market reports

Commercial leases





Technical documents




We provide top-quality translations to and from French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portugal, Dutch, German and Polish.

Other European languages are available upon request.

Why choose Argos FinNeo?

Our long-established team really gets to know our clients, ensuring them consistent and accurate translations.

Our translators only translate into their native language, meaning that we deliver high-quality, natural-sounding documents.

All of our translators are highly skilled and specialised. In addition, many of them have worked in finance before joining our team.

In an age of low-quality machine translation, Argos FinNeo stands out for its commitment to working with ‘real’ translators. As we refuse to cut corners, we do not provide machine translation or post-editing services. Click here to find out why.

Documents are reviewed by a dedicated team of proofreaders with mastery of the languages and areas of specialisation involved.

The fact that our translators and proofreaders are based in Europe gives them in-depth knowledge of the business world and terminology used in the countries where our clients operate. We also believe that you get what you pay for. Unlike most translation agencies, we take pride in paying our team a fair rate in line with European standards. As such, we can be selective and retain the very best talent on the market.
We deliver error-free, ready-to-publish translations laid out in the same way as the original documents. We work with practically any format—Word, PowerPoint, Excel, InDesign, Illustrator, PDF, etc.

Any and all information pertaining to your project will be kept strictly confidential.

Find out why Argos FinNeo steers clear of machine translation

What we look for in translators

Comprehension of highly technical documents

Writing skills

Ability to produce natural-sounding translations without losing the meaning

Problem-solving skills

Broad general knowledge

Continuous self-improvement

Passion for languages

Teamwork mindset

European-based candidates preferred

* All candidates are required to take a written test. The use of machine translation tools is strictly prohibited.

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