Argos Pharma


Argos Pharma, a boutique pharmaceutical translation firm since 1984, is able to meet the needs of pharmaceutical companies thanks to an expert team of highly qualified and specialised translators and proofreaders.

A boutique approach

A unique business model

Argos Pharma is not a mere intermediary between clients and freelance translators. Our in-house team of experts produces top-notch translations. Our superior customer service combined with our specialised know-how makes Argos Pharma a true boutique translation firm.

In-depth knowledge in science

Our translators, proofreaders and managers set themselves apart from the competition due to their extensive background in science. Documents are reviewed by a dedicated team of proofreaders with mastery of the languages and areas of specialisation involved.

Focus on quality

Argos Pharma always puts quality first even when deadlines are tight.

Our fields of expertise

Marketing authorisation applications

Manufacturing and quality documents

Clinical trial protocols

Informed consent forms

Clinical and non-clinical study reports

Pharmacovigilance reports

Investigator’s brochures

Marketing and training materials

Why choose Argos Pharma?

Our long-established team really gets to know our clients, ensuring them consistent and accurate translations. The trust our clients have in us is based on this stability.

Argos Pharma has almost 40 years of experience in pharmaceutical translation. Our translators are highly skilled and specialised. In addition, many of them have worked in this industry before joining our team. As quality is our primary focus, we work exclusively with ‘human’ translators and not machines.
All our translators and proofreaders are based in Europe. We also believe that you get what you pay for. Unlike most translation agencies, we take pride in paying our team a fair rate in line with European standards. As such, we can be selective and retain the very best talent on the market.

We deliver error-free, ready-to-publish translations laid out in the same way as the original documents. We work with practically any format—Word, PowerPoint, Excel, InDesign, Illustrator, PDF, etc.

Any and all information pertaining to your project will be kept strictly confidential.

Our team specialises in researching hard-to-translate medical and pharmaceutical terms. Some of its most interesting findings are published on our blog.

At Argos Pharma, we are well aware that late deliveries can penalise our clients, especially with regard to regulatory deadlines. This is why we always meet agreed turnaround times.


Argos Pharma provides top-quality translations to and from French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portugal, Dutch, German and Polish.

Other European languages are available upon request.

For many years, we have worked with leading European pharmaceutical companies on Spanish translations intended for health authorities throughout Latin America. To learn more, see our blog.

Find out why Argos Pharma steers clear of machine translation

What we look for in translators

Broad general and scientific knowledge

Comprehension of technical (quality, manufacturing, etc.) and/or medical documents

Writing skills

Timely delivery

Ability to produce natural-sounding translations without losing the meaning

Interest in research and analysis

Problem-solving skills

Continuous self-improvement

Mastery of computer skills needed for translation

Teamwork mindset

European-based candidates preferred

* All candidates are required to take a written test. The use of machine translation tools is strictly prohibited.

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