Translations for Latin America


Operating in Spain: a solution, not a problem

At first glance, it may seem illogical to translate documentation intended for Latin America in Spain. Why translate from a distant country on another continent instead of translating locally? As paradoxical as it might sound, Argos Pharma’s location is an advantage for several reasons.


From a linguistic point of view, Spain can be considered the common denominator of all Spanish-speaking countries. While each country has its own specific vocabulary and there are some linguistic differences between countries and regions, formal and scientific languages are quite consistent across Spanish-speaking countries. The current phenomenon of “linguistic globalisation” is playing an ever-increasing role due to the need of being understood by larger and more diverse audiences.

Spain’s geographical position, which could be regarded as a drawback for translating documents for Latin America, is actually a major advantage: the language used in Spain is the one that gets the closest to the ideal concept of a “neutral” or “international” Spanish that can be understood in all Spanish-speaking countries. Thanks to its location, Spain has been kept free from the supremacy of the English language, beyond the immediate sphere of economic and commercial influence of the United States. Anglicisms are not so common in Spain, let alone “Spanglish”.

Although based in Spain, ARGOS Pharma has more than 25 years of experience translating documents intended for Latin America.

To avoid problems related to country-specific terms or Spanglish, ARGOS Pharma uses international Spanish and terminology based on recognised standards (Ph. Eur., USP, etc.). In this way, our translations are suitable for all Spanish-speaking countries, making document CENTRALISATION and control easier.

This global approach forms a crucial part of our brand image.