Our team of experts

ARGOS FinNeo’s team brings together financial translators with over 25 years of experience and carefully selected graduates from the best European business schools with professional experience in finance and insurance. ARGOS FinNeo has both a theoretical and a practical understanding of finance and law.




CEO and co-founder of ARGOS TSP

Education: MSc in Engineering (I.T. major) from Telecom Paris Tech, one of the top French engineering schools

Professional career: Before he co-founded ARGOS TSP (ARGOS FinNeo’s mother company) and specialised in financial and legal translation, Philippe worked at Alcatel as a telecommunications project manager. Over the past 25 years, he has acquired a solid understanding of financial, legal and accounting concepts. As a detail-oriented person, Philippe inspires the whole team with his care for spotless, technically-accurate translations.



Strategy Director at ARGOS FinNeo

Education: Master in Management (Law & Finance major) from ESCP Europe
  MsC in Finance from City University of London

Professional career: He worked in the Asset & Capital Structuring department at Banco Santander (Madrid) where he acquired hands-on knowledge on investment banking. Subsequently, Julien worked in the financial control department of HSBC Retail Banking in Paris. At ARGOS FinNeo, he ensures that all translations are accurate from a financial and legal perspective and enjoys delving into the most challenging concepts and difficult translations.




Operations Director at ARGOS FinNeo

Education: Master in Management (Financial auditing & accounting major) from ESCP Europe
  European MBA from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Professional career: After working in financial controlling at AXA Madrid and in the consolidation and financial reporting department for the Americas region at AXA New York, Nadia decided to join ARGOS FinNeo, where she is now the undisputed specialist for all accounting and financial reporting matters.




Chief Translation Coordinator and co-founder of ARGOS TSP

Education: Bachelor’s degree in translation from ISIT Mexico
  Certified translator

Adriana is a very strict proofreader who always gives priority to quality no matter how stressful the situation may be. Thanks to her professional experience in Mexico, the US, France and Spain, Adriana fully masters all the cultural subtleties that are essential to the “localising” component of translations (adaption to a specific culture or region).