The future

ARGOS Pharma works alongside pharmaceutical companies that contribute to scientific progress.
Over the past years, we have been actively involved in key areas of the future of the pharmaceutical industry.




Scientific findings and advances are having a great impact on our society. In the medical field, biotechnology and genetic engineering could redefine the bases of biology and its applications. It is an exciting time for the pharmaceutical industry, characterised by intense competition and successive waves of mergers & acquisitions which are constantly restructuring the industry.

Biopharmaceuticals represent more than half of the therapeutic innovations registered each year. Since 2000, sales of biopharmaceutical products have grown three times faster than those of other drugs.

Besides vaccines, oncology is probably the branch of medicine where the use of biotechnology is most frequent because of the continuous need for more effective and safer treatments. ARGOS Pharma is highly experienced in the translation of dossiers regarding biopharmaceuticals due to its long lasting collaboration with two of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the oncology field. Host cell lines, recombinant monoclonal antibodies, DNA sequencing, cell transfection, etc., are concepts we have been dealing with for several years.


New administration systems

Only twenty years ago, most drug products were only available in the form of immediate release tablets or solutions for injection.


A wide range of administration systems have been developed in the quest for new routes of administration that would be more effective and more comfortable for the patient. These new systems may also help extend drug substance release in order to simplify dosage, among other issues. This has been possible thanks to advances in technology and materials and to the constant refinement of biotechnological manufacturing processes.

ARGOS Pharma regularly translates dossiers about new administration systems such as:

- Immediate- or controlled-release systems
- Auto-injectors or pens for self-administration
- Transdermal patches
- Microneedle patches
- Subdermal implants
- Nebulisers
- Inhalers
- TCI systems
- and more.


New instruments and analytical procedures

  Health authorities from all around the globe are imposing very strict quality and safety standards on the pharmaceutical industry, requiring the use of reliable instruments and testing methods, and faster, more selective and sensitive analytical procedures.
Analytical methods used in the pharmaceutical industry have continuously improved thanks to advances in computer science. The development of automatic testing instruments has accelerated repetitive tasks (for example sampling during release and stability testing), reduced waiting times and improved the overall quality of drug products.


Thanks to its specialisation in the pharmaceutical industry and its continuous monitoring of technological progress in this sector,
ARGOS Pharma is able to take part in new projects requiring the translation of large and complex dossiers.