Retail banking

When banks have subsidiaries abroad, conduct crossborder operations or need to report to their international clients or shareholders, ARGOS FinNeo is there to offer ready-to-use premium translations with harmonised terminology.


Our team includes professionals who graduated from the best European business schools and have worked as bank controllers, as well as financial translators with over 25 years of experience.


ARGOS FinNeo translates Retail Banking documents:

  • Bank account contracts
  • Credit/debit card contracts
  • Financial product contracts
  • Financial product prospectuses
  • Marketing documentation for financial products
  • Bank annual reports, periodical reports
  • Activity reports
  • Sustainability reports
  • Press releases

In order for a bank to be fully trusted by its foreign clients and shareholders, its documentation needs to be worded in a language that sounds authentic to them. At ARGOS FinNeo, we always use accurate and understandable terms that your clients and shareholders will appreciate.



At ARGOS FinNeo, we always use the most appropriate technical terminology as our experienced translators rely on bank professionnals. Whenever a new concept is found, our team dedicates whatever time is necessary to investigate and solve any doubts that may arise. A glossary is created for each job and terms can be agreed with the client.



Since banks’ documents are often updated, we understand there is a special need for reliable translation coordination and harmonisation. Thanks to its unique business model consisting in performing all translations internally, ARGOS FinNeo is able to ensure maximum documentation consistency.