Research & Development

ARGOS Pharma works jointly with pharmaceutical companies
throughout the entire Research & Development process,
all the way to the submission of the Marketing Authorisation Application.


The growth of pharmaceutical markets is a logical consequence of innovation driven by the need to respond to growing demands for medical care associated with economic development and increasing life expectancy.


The drug discovery and development process requires close interaction between different scientific fields (genomics, chemistry, pharmacology, medicine, epidemiology, etc.) which can take 10 to 12 years. Most pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies form teams to guide the processes involved in taking a lead discovery through the various non-clinical and clinical development stages to make the drug candidate a true therapeutic product.



All these scientific fields take part in complex projects which generate large volumes of information. To be fully understandable, this information must be translated by experts. Although English is without a doubt the most common language used in the research process, a large number of documents need to be translated, for example for regulatory or safety purposes (Marketing Authorisation Applications and other documents intended for health authorities, patient leaflets, clinical study reports, etc.).

During the drug research process, documents needing translation usually contain highly scientific concepts and address cutting-edge issues which are rarely mentioned in the literature. ARGOS Pharma’s team can be of great help when it comes to translating and building documents associated with such projects thanks to its scientific background, extensive experience in the pharmaceutical sector and inquiring spirit.