Our strengths


Who can claim to be an expert in all fields and languages? ARGOS Pharma has more than 25 years of experience in the field of pharmaceutical translation. From the very beginning, we have given priority to specialisation because we are convinced that it is the only way to ensure quality. As our team of experts has always perfectly understood the needs and challenges of this sector, we are now considered a strategic ally for our clients.


ARGOS Pharma, a division of the ARGOS TSP Group based in Spain, was founded in 1984. From this time, it has collaborated with the Regulatory Affairs departments as well as with other divisions of some of the most important pharmaceutical companies in the world. For example, 2 of the 5 largest pharmaceutical companies in Europe have consistently relied on our services for more than 25 years: this loyalty is the best proof of the strength and work capacity of our devoted team. What’s more, it perfectly reflects our strategy: thanks to our in-depth knowledge of our clients’ products, we are able to offer a personalised service.
Many translators have only been in the business a few years, or work only part-time while holding down another job. As a result, they are not always available and are not able to process substantial volumes. In contrast, as ARGOS Pharma’s team is composed of professional translators who are dedicated exclusively to this activity, we can guarantee steady service to our clients and the capacity to translate high volumes.

Terminological research

We are convinced that the pharmaceutical industry is the sector of the economy which has contributed the most to progress in the human condition and social welfare over the last century. As translators, we believe that our key mission is to improve mutual understanding and communication between physicians, pharmaceutical companies, health authorities, patients, and more generally, between all persons involved in health care issues.


Thus, in addition to making quality our top priority, ARGOS Pharma has composed a Research Team responsible for updating terminological references and investigating translation-specific issues in the pharmaceutical field. Our articles on pharmaceutical terminology are published on our website and our clients can also subscribe to our periodic newsletter, ArgoStreet.