Other fields of expertise

ARGOS FinNeo strongly believes that specialisation is the key to quality. Ever since its creation, the company has specialised in financial and legal translations. This strong positioning now enables our team to deal with business documentation with an expert eye.



ARGOS FinNeo has become an expert in translating annual reports and other periodical reports. Despite the current harmonisation process, not all accounting concepts can be readily transposed since IFRS are generally only mandatory for listed companies. Thanks to her professional experience in consolidation and financial reporting, Nadia ensures that accounting concepts are appropriately transposed.



Not all legal concepts are universal or equivalent from a country to another. It takes a lot of practice and investigation to provide translations that are understandable to all parties to a contract. Thanks to his background in international business law, Julien ensures the right balance between fidelity to the original document and transparency in the target language.



At ARGOS FinNeo, we are fully aware that translations must sound natural and authentic to your clients and customers. With 25 years of experience in financial marketing documentation, Philippe has become aware of marketing concepts and makes sure translators use the most appropriate wording, phrases and idioms that will be highly-valued by your clients and customers.



ARGOS FinNeo translates standard insurance policies on a regular basis but is also acquainted with more complex contracts such as credit insurance policies. Our translators understand the language of the insurance industry. For instance, they are aware of the implications of regulations such as Solvency and they are fully-operational for translating corporate documentation.



ARGOS FinNeo translates documents for businesses:

  • Periodical reports: annual reports, activity reports, sustainability reports
  • Press releases and communications to shareholders
  • Compliance and regulatory documentation
  • Commercial contracts, sale-purchase agreements (SPAs), contracts with clients or customers…
  • Marketing documentation: guides, brochures…
  • Vehicle, home, health, credit insurance policies…
  • Insurance claim and dispute documentation