Investment management

Investment managers, or asset managers, are some of the most “translation-intensive” players in the financial industry. Thanks to its highly-qualified and experienced translators, ARGOS FinNeo has built a solid reputation in this sector and now works with industry leaders, including the nº1 asset manager in the world in terms of AUM.


ARGOS FinNeo has experience in both individual mandates and collective investment schemes.

ARGOS FinNeo translates documents for asset managers:

  • Fund prospectuses
  • Key Investor Information (KIID)
  • Discretionary management mandates
  • Fund performance reports
  • Portfolio management reports
  • Communications to shareholders
  • Market commentaries
  • All types of internal documents for asset management companies

However complex your asset management strategy might be, our team will specialise in your field


Working alongside the world nº1 asset manager in terms of AUM, ARGOS FinNeo has gained experience in the very narrow segment of indexed investment strategies. ETFs require a high degree of financial expertise and capacity to offer understandable terminology. Read our article about ETF strategies.
ARGOS FinNeo collaborates with you
for terminological harmonisation
ARGOS FinNeo’s team has been able to learn about the very specific area of bank subordinated debt and to build an accurate and consistent terminological framework… Dividend “pushers” and “stoppers” are no longer a secret to our team!
ARGOS FinNeo specialises in your area
no matter how complex your business model might be


As legal documents with a major financial component, portfolio management contracts combine both of ARGOS FinNeo’s fields of expertise. Our extensive database includes every possible clause that might be used in such contracts.
ARGOS FinNeo understands all basic
investment methods and concepts
For many years, ARGOS FinNeo has been translating performance reports and market commentaries for industry leaders in equity fund management. As such documents can be extremely repetitive, it takes a lot of imagination to deliver translations that sound good. Read our article about how to make market commentaries sound more attractive.
ARGOS FinNeo provides technically-accurate,
rich financial translation


Our translators are experienced finance specialists who will understand your business model and take the time to investigate challenging concepts and to build a consistent terminological framework for all your translations.