ARGOS FinNeo is a division of Spanish-based translation company ARGOS TSP. Our company was founded in 1984 and has become an expert in financial and legal translations by maintaining long-term trust relationships with market leaders, whose references are available upon request:

- Banks and financial institutions
- Fund managers
- Merger and acquisition specialists
- Insurance companies

In-house translation

ARGOS FinNeo is not an intermediary between clients and freelance translators. At ARGOS FinNeo, translations are performed in-house by expert translators, which guarantees accuracy, terminological consistency and confidentiality.


• Who can claim to be an expert in all areas? At ARGOS FinNeo, we are convinced that quality can only be ensured through specialisation. Our team brings together financial translators with over 25 years of experience and carefully selected graduates from the best European business schools with professional experience in finance and insurance. Read more about our team of experts.

• Who can claim to be an expert in all languages? At ARGOS FinNeo, we chose to have highly-specialised financial translators in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German.

Terminological Research

As a specialised translation company, ARGOS FinNeo has a Research Team in charge of keeping terminological references up-to-date and investigating specific issues of financial translation. Our clients can subscribe to a periodical update on financial terminology prepared by our research team.

Read our research team’s publications.

Why choose us?

As part of the ARGOS TSP group, ARGOS FinNeo has adopted a positioning that clearly differentiates it from competitors in the translation industry. This unique strategy can be illustrated as follows:


A reliable translation process