A unique positioning

We are not a mere intermediary

Unlike traditional agencies, ARGOS Pharma is not a mere intermediary between pharmaceutical companies and freelance translators, as documents are processed in-house by our team of experts. This unique business model provides our clients with the following advantages:


  • Consistent quality
• Homogeneity
• A stable team familiar with the clients' products
• Reliable harmonisation
• Faster response times
• Confidentiality
• Competitive rates
Solid background

The pharmaceutical sector requires precision and up-to-date scientific knowledge. ARGOS Pharma offers a comprehensive solution to meet these challenges:

  The advanced education of our translators, proofreaders and management team clearly sets us apart from our competitors. We believe that, beyond excellent writing skills, scientific precision constitutes the most important factor assuring quality in the pharmaceutical field. In our view, translated documents must be understandable for the intended reader and serve their purpose (for example, obtaining a drug product approval, informing physicians or patients, etc.).


Even in urgent situations, ARGOS Pharma always delivers top-quality translations:


• Translators devote the time it takes to investigate new or complex concepts.
• Utmost care is taken while carrying out proofreading and quality control tasks (detection of omissions, inconsistencies, misinterpretations, etc.)
• By performing translations in-house, we are able to avoid potential sources of errors which commonly occur in scientific translations, including misinterpretation of complex terms and grammatical forms, imprecise harmonisation, formatting problems, etc.



ARGOS Pharma has achieved a unique position which clearly differentiates it from competitors in the translation industry: